Question: Do players need to live in Fall River to play for the Rebels?
Answer:  Membership is normally restricted to players from Fall River and surrounding areas (i.e., Beaver Bank, Enfield, Fletcher’s Lake, Waverley, Wellington, Windsor Junction, Lakeview), however players outside this residential area may be accepted if such registration is not in violation within any Basketball Nova Scotia (or other Basketball Associations in Nova Scotia) eligibility guidelines or policies and sufficient space exists as not to prohibit entry from players within the geographic area.
Question: What are the fees for the 2020-2021 season?
  • The competitive program fee for the 2019-2020 season is $375.00 per player.  Each coach will also collect a $100.00 uniform deposit from each player. This cheque may be post-dated to April 1, 2021. By club policy, a uniform will not be issued (and consequently a player is not eligible for league play) until the uniform deposit is received.
  • The Little Rebels Development Program fee for the 2020-2021 season is $200.00 per player for the season. Each participant will receive a Little Rebels jersey and basketball, both included in this registration fee.
  • The fee for the Pre-Season skills sessions is $25 and can be selected as part of the registration process.
Question: What is the Refund Policy if I withdraw my child after registering?
Answer: In the unfortunate circumstance that a player is unsuccessful at tryouts and is not placed on a team, a full refund will be given. Once a player is placed on a team, refunds are divided into two timelines – before and after the MBA season’s first game.
Before the MBA season’s first game
 -a full refund (less an admin fee of $25) will be provided to any player withdrawing before the MBA season’s first game. This includes players who withdraw after successfully making the high school team.
After the MBA season’s first game
-Only in cases of extenuating circumstances will a refund be approved after the MBA season has begun. Injury, family relocation and scheduling conflicts with other sports are examples of situations that will be considered. All requests must be made in writing through the club registrar (address on the club website). They will be brought to the Executive for consideration of a pro-rated reimbursement of registration fees. Further, any such reimbursement must be approved by the board by a simple majority vote. The maximum reimbursement the Executive may approve under this policy is 80%, less the $25 admin fee.

Little Rebels: If a child withdraws before the first session then full refund will be given.  If a child withdraws after first session, the refund process is the same process as the competitive team after the first MBA game per above.  Refunds will only be considered when requested in writing to the Registrar. Refunds will be pro-rated.


Question:  Is there an NSF cheque policy?
Answer : All NSF cheques are subject to a $20 administrative fee.
Question: Is there a family discount on registration fees?
Answer : Yes, the third player is half off and the fourth player is free


Question: Are there any subsidy programs to support families who cannot pay registration fees?
Answer: “KidSport™ is a national children's charitable program that helps kids overcome the financial barriers preventing or limiting their participation in organized sport. KidSport™ Nova Scotia provides funding of up to $300/year/child for sport registration and/or equipment.” Please visit the Sport Nova Scotia website (link below) or contact them directly (425-5450 ext 350) for additional information.
Question: Can a player try out for a team in an older age bracket?
Answer: No, it is Fall River Rebels Basketball policy that players shall not be permitted to be assigned to a team at an older age division than they would normally be assigned (e.g. U12 to U14) unless there are not enough players at the older age level to adequately form a team.
Question: When will my child have practice so that I can make sure our family does not have other events at that time?
Answer: Unfortunately, that information is not available at registration. We build our club practice schedule when we have confirmed our facilities rental contract with HRM and identified the number of teams we will be enrolling in the league. We depend on registration numbers to make these decisions. We also negotiate our gym availability with the volunteer hours that coaches are available. This is all built on the number of players who register in each division. Practice times are typically confirmed in late September or early October. This information is communicated to players and parents by the team coach / manager. It will also be posted on our club website.
Question: When will my child's weekly league (MBA) game occur?
Answer: U10 and U12 teams normally play on Saturdays. U14 and U16 teams play on Sundays. These games are scheduled by the Metro Basketball Association (MBA).


Question: Where will my child’s games be held?

Answer : The MBA schedules facilities as well. Games can be played at any gym within HRM. You can check their website once the season starts at

Question: Do registration fees cover tournaments or provincials?

Answer: No, the registration fees do not cover any tournaments including provincials. Teams decide individually whether or not they will participate in tournaments and are responsible for associated expenses. None of that is managed centrally by the club.

Question: Is there a “Fair Play Policy” in place?
Answer: Fall River Rebels Basketball endorses the fair play philosophies of Basketball Nova Scotia - “With fair play, everybody wins.  If fair play is used in sport, all participants can stay focused on the essentials of the sport – not just winning, but on performing well and having fun”.  The principles of fair play in sport combine integrity, fairness and respect.  Those principals include:
·         respect the rules
·         respect the officials and their decisions
·         respect your opponent
·         and maintain your self-control at all times.

Fall River Rebels Basketball believes that coaches should make every child’s experience in basketball a positive one.  Although we all want to win and we strive to do so, skill development and fun must always be a priority.  Coaches should encourage participants to stay in basketball, develop constructive attitudes towards competition, and develop a positive self-image.

Fall River Rebels Basketball expects coaches to follow the following fair play code:

1.  I will remember when scheduling games and practices, that young athletes have other interests and obligations.
2.  I will teach my athletes to play fairly and to respect the rules, officials and opponents.
3.  I will ensure that all athletes are provided with equal instruction and support.
4.  I will not ridicule or yell at my athletes for making mistakes or performing poorly.
5.  I will remember that children play to have fun and must be encouraged to help boost their confidence levels.
6.  I will make sure that equipment and facilities are safe and match the athletes’ ages and abilities.
7.  I will remember that children need a coach they can respect. I will be generous with praise and set a positive example.
8.  I will obtain proper training and continue to upgrade my coaching skills and abilities.
The Metro Basketball Association (MBA) and Basketball Nova Scotia (BNS) have a specific Fair Play Rule at the Junior Mini and Mini levels. In those age divisions, games consist of timed 4 minute shifts and it is required that there not be more than one shift differential in the playing time of all players on the game sheet.  Fall River Rebels Basketball expects its coaches to follow that rule.  At higher levels (i.e. Bantam and older), fair play does not necessarily mean equal playing time for all participants.  However, unless a player is being disciplined for unsportsmanlike behaviour, Fall River Rebels Basketball believes that all players must get meaningful playing time in all games.  In other words, it is unacceptable for players to not get any playing time or to only get into the game in the final moments after the outcome of the game is already decided.
Question: How are coaches selected?   
Answer: Head coaches are assigned using Fall River Rebels Basketball’s coach selection process.  Prospective coaches must fill out a Volunteer Head Coach Application at the beginning of the season.  Assistant coaches will be picked by the head coach of a team.  Competitive tryouts will be held to pick team members from those who registered for competitive team play.  The assignment of players to a team is at the discretion of the team coach.  In age divisions where there are enough players to form more than two teams, an “A” team will be selected followed by a balanced team selection process for each remaining team in an effort to maximize both the basketball experience and skill development of our players.  Furthermore, Fall River Rebels Basketball coaches must comply with the no-recruiting philosophy of the Metro Basketball Association and, as such, shall not recruit players from other basketball organizations to play on Fall River teams.
Question       Can a player be “called up” to another team for a game?
Answer: The MBA allows coaches at an older or more competitive division of play to call a player up from a lower level team within their own club organization for a game if their team will not have enough players to compete in that particular game.  However, if a player is called up to play more than twice at that higher level (either in age level or competitive division) that player must remain at that level for the remainder of the season.  Fall River Rebels Basketball expects that, as a common courtesy, the coach of the team needing a player will request the permission of the player's regular team coach to call that player up.